About Frank Barnett Photographer

FRANK BARNETT, a fine art photographer, was born in Chicago in 1939. His early training was as an anthropologist and his undergraduate and graduate degrees are from the University of California at Berkeley and Los Angeles. For much of his working life, Barnett pursued careers in scholarly publishing, marketing and advertising. He served as Director of Advertising and Public Relations for the University of California Press in Berkeley. In 1977 he founded the Piedmont Book Company in Oakland, California, a bookstore and gallery, and went on to open three more fine art galleries. For a quarter of a century he ran Barnett & Barnett, an advertising agency and public relations firm he established with his late wife, Sharan. His rodeo and iconic images of New York and Bourbon Street were selected by Pendleton® to be woven in wool and included in that firm's Limited Edition Fine Art Tapestry series. Now in his seventies, Barnett is still a prolific artist. His fine art and commercial photography has appeared in books and periodicals, corporate and private collections, museums and gallery exhibits.

About Pendleton Woolen Mills®

Few company names inspire as much confidence and pride as Pendleton Woolen Mills.® For six generations, the Bishop Family has been creating Indian blankets, robes and shawls that are highly prized by much of our Native American population. In fact, they are viewed by many of America's indigenous people as "sacred objects." Serious art collectors and dealers will want to include these extremely limited edition tapestries in their collection.

About the Jacquard Loom

In 1801, Joseph Marie Jacquard invented the Jacquard mechanical loom that simplified the process of manufacturing textiles with complex patterns. Controlled by punch cards, each punched hole corresponds to a "Bolus" hook which can be either up or down. The loom's harness, that carries and guides the warp thread will either lie above or below the weft, depending on the card's instructions. The threading of a Jacquard loom is so labor intensive that many looms are threaded only once. Even small looms with only a few thousand warp ends can take days to re-thread. Therefore, creating Barnett's very small edition tapestries represents a major artistic achievement.