Dancing in Two worlds


Dancing in Two Worlds - Strong Hearts, Determined Spirits

By Frank Barnett & Martha A. Solomon

In 2017, Frank Barnett Photography was engaged by the Oregon Department of Education's Tribal Attendance Pilot Project (TAPP) to provide portraits of Native American students and graduates for an inspirational poster project. TAPP's goal is to motivate students to complete their education. One of Frank's portrait subjects, Saul Jurado, a member of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians, asked if he could be photographed in his regalia. Frank, trained as a Cultural Anthropologist, was thrilled at the opportunity. That session led Frank and Martha on a journey to photograph powwows in Oregon and Washington. Thousands of photographic images later, the couple is preparing to publish Dancing in Two Worlds – Strong Hearts, Determined Spirits, planned for release in the fall of 2020. 

The Jewel of the kitchen


The Jewel of the Kitchen – Vintage Gas Ranges

Frank and Sharan Barnett

with Martha A. Solomon

Today, many of us are renewing links with our past by seeking out and restoring vintage gas ranges from an earlier era – when almost everything else was different except the holiday foods and national dishes we shared with our families. During the summer of 1998, Frank and his late wife, Sharan embarked on an assignment to photograph vintage gas ranges and the often remodeled kitchens in which they held center stage. In Los Angeles, the couple set up a photo studio in the back of Antique Stove Heaven, an enterprise that provided many Hollywood celebrities with beautifully restored gas ranges. Like many creative undertakings, the book was figuratively put on the back burner as Sharan and Frank's advertising agency demanded more of their time and attention. Still, the manuscript and photography were virtually complete. Now that time allows, Frank and Martha have plans to move this project, once again, to a front burner.