Commercial Photography


For decades, Frank Barnett Photography has been providing high quality images that have been reproduced everywhere from a downtown Portland billboard to annual reports, brochures, books and periodicals, from Portrait of Portland to The Washington Post. His specialties include food and beverage photography, including craft brewed beer, wine and coffee. Many magazines have featured his images on their covers and in articles. Both non-profit and corporate entities have relied on his services – from the Oregon Wine Board, the Oregon and Washington Restaurant Associations and the Museum of New Mexico Foundation to Bethel Heights Vineyards, the Eyrie Vineyards, Miles Fiberglass & Composites, Fujitsu America and Doneth & Sturdivant Wealth Advisors. 


Examples of Commercial Photography & Writing


Since their collaboration began, Frank Barnett and Martha Solomon have photographed and authored many feature articles. They have also photographed and written four books in as many years and picked up a significant award along the way. In 2017, Photography in My Bones – Half a Century of Images by Frank Barnett was awarded the Independent Publishers Silver Medal in Photography. An earlier title, All American Toy Co. – All American Toys for All American Boys, will be an exhibit at the Oregon Historical Society Museum, curated by the couple and scheduled to open in September, 2019.

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academic catalogue


Western Culinary Institute Catalogue

Western Culinary Institute, which later changed its name to Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, trained prospective chefs for more than three decades in Portland, Oregon. The school turned out some of the better talent that restaurant-goers are still enjoying today in the Pacific Northwest. When the school discovered Frank Barnett's dramatic food photography, he was hired to provide  images for their catalogue.



Transportation Images


One of the great challenges of photographing things that move, whether it’s a whirling dancer at a Native American powwow, a cowboy astride a two thousand pound Brahma bull or a jumbo jet making a low approach at the end of a runway at LAX, is capturing that dynamic, split-second moment and freezing it in time.