Vintage Photo Restoration


Vintage Photo Restoration

One of the most common forms of photographic degradation is “silver mirroring” caused by the combined damage done by humidity and air pollution, when the  silver salts used to print the photograph oxidize. Silver mirroring  produces reflections that make scanning useless as a method of reproduction. Frank photographs these historic family treasures, bringing them back to life with modern, digital darkroom techniques that he has developed. 

Damage Repair & Printing


Bringing Faded & Torn Images Back to Life

If there is something left for us to work with, our goal is to restore damage that includes scratches, tears and fading. With digital darkroom techniques, we aim to produce a finished print that is as close to the one made by the original photographer as possible. 

When it comes to color restoration, we have had great success reproducing and improving upon the images our clients bring us. The color photograph of the young woman to the left was brought to us as a large photo poster approximately two feet high with many tears and scratches. The original had been made two decades earlier and had traveled from Mexico in a backpack with the young woman's now adult son. The skin tones looked lifeless and there were deep shadows that made it impossible to determine where her hair ended and the background began. All of the damage was repaired in our studio, a new vibrant background was added, and skin tones were restored. The client was delighted, and today the new portrait hangs in his mother's home,

Archival Printing

Once we've restored an image for our clients, there are a variety of options for reproducing the photograph on various substrates: fine art paper, canvas, aluminum, and artists' wooden panels.


"I took in a picture made in 1913. I had no idea it would come out so beautifully. Family members are now asking for copies. I can't wait to have more family photos restored."

Lynda J. Lentz

Owner & Operator

Valley Merchant Police

"We have contracted with Frank Barnett Photography studio and gallery in Salem to offer fine art photo copying, photo restoration and printing to our customers."

Brent Allen

General Manager

 Elsinore Framing and Fine Art Gallery

"Frank Barnett Photography has been printing with us for a couple of years now, and I'm very impressed with their photo restoration work. It's very rare, if ever, that I need to adjust their files."

Bill Johnson

Fine Art Printer

Salem Printing & Blueprint, Inc.