Hampton Rodriguez, Dominican Artist, 2005


In the realm of portraiture “…Barnett’s unique vision becomes clear. His portrait of Dominican artist Hampton Rodriguez is a revelation. The subject’s sad eyes and wild, side-lit hair capture the viewer’s immediate attention but yield to subtler, almost painterly details: the painting Rodriguez is nonchalantly working on, the way the paint staining his jeans and shirt echoes the paint on the canvas behind him, and the uncanny sfumato as foreground grades imperceptibly into background. It’s hard to tell where Rodriguez the artist ends and his art begins.”

Richard Speer, Portland Art Critic

senior portraits


A Variety of Creative Options


Our studio price range for senior portraits is from $195 to $350 depending on whether you want just an image for the yearbook or if you also wish to include outdoor (environmental) portraits. Since our studio is located at the Willamette Heritage Center, there are many opportunities for wonderful backgrounds, from our mill stream to stone walls and weathered doors. We can also arrange to photograph at your favorite location as well for an additional $100 in the Salem area.

Our senior portrait prices include retouching, teeth whitening, eye sharpening and color correction.

In addition to our traditional photography, you may be interested in having one of your senior portrait selections transformed into painterly artwork. Please click on Artistic Interpretations to view the possibilities. 

We also provide other services to seniors that include custom framing, printing on watercolor paper, aluminum, canvas, and on artists' wood panels which are all stunning.