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Western Culinary Institute Catalogue

Western Culinary Institute, which later changed its name to Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, trained prospective chefs for more than three decades in Portland, Oregon. The school turned out some of the better talent that restaurant-goers are still enjoying today in the Pacific Northwest. When the school discovered Frank Barnett's dramatic food photography, he was hired to provide  images for their catalogue.

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From soup to nuts, we're specialists in food photography and styling. From delicious desserts to main dishes, we have exciting images for your next promotion. The wine, beer and coffee images that we've created for books and feature articles are also available for use online or in print.  Many of the images we have available can be downloaded and viewed below.

French Pastries on Our Left Coast - Ooh la la!


Text by Mart McCann (Solomon), Photography by Frank Barnett

"The old breakfast staples, coffee and a doughnut, have been replaced by trendy and tasty cappuccino and croissants." Here's a delightful article written by Mart McCann (Solomon) about Portland's La Petite Provence.

A Serious Locavore - Living the Good Life


Text by Martha A. Solomon, Photography by Frank Barnett

Jesse Sampson is not a catch-and-release kind of guy. He's a catch-and-serve-it-up-with-a-nice-Pinot-noir kind of guy. He's also a serious locavore – someone who prefers to eat food that is locally produced or foraged. Photographer Frank Barnett and writer Martha Solomon spent a day on the river with Jesse, followed by the fantastic dinner he prepared at his farmstead.

Group Travel Leader


Magazine Cover by Photographer Frank Barnett

When the Group Travel Leader magazine needed just the right cover for their Columbia River Gorge issue, they turned to Frank Barnett for this delicious lobster dish.