Pike Place Market


Text and Photography by Frank Barnett

"On a number of past trips to Seattle, I had visited Pike Place Market and, in fact, had even had a photoshoot there for the Washington Restaurant Association. But I hadn't recalled just how truly amazing a place the market really was. If you're prepared to do some serious walking and stair climbing, a visit to the Market is every bit as exciting as any of the other grand markets of the world.

Bulls ain't supposed to be rode


Text and Photography by Frank Barnett

For three years Frank Barnett photographed rodeos from the center of arenas – where the stomping, dust churning, bone crushing power of 2,000 pound snorting Brahman bulls takes place. As a Visual Anthropologist, his documentary photography took him from the famous Pendleton Round-up to the infamous Angola Prison Rodeo at the Louisiana State Penitentiary where he captured dramatic images of a theatre of violence that began with the Glory Riders, their banners fluttering with biblical sound-bites – Word of God, King of Kings, and Army of the Lord. There he discovered a pageant that was more a gladiatorial event than an exercise in Christian redemption.

Bulls Ain't Supposed to be Rode (pdf)


Portrait of Portland


Small Can Be Beautiful

Text by Lisa Shara Hall, Photography by Frank Barnett

The images for this feature article on discovering boutique wines in Oregon came from a library of wine images that Frank Barnett created for the Oregon Wine Board titled "From Bud Break to Bottling."

Artisan Northwest Magazine


Cover and the Photography for this Article by Frank Barnett

Fiber artist Shannon Weber had Frank Barnett photograph her fanciful basket art for this Winter 2005 issue of Artisan Northwest magazine. 

Gentlemen, You May Smoke


Text by Mart McCann (Solomon), Photography by Frank Barnett

"Like wine tasting, cigar smoking is a social activity: witness all the cigars that are consumed during male-bonding rituals such as football games, outdoor barbecues and yes, fishing trips.

George Burns was quoted as saying, "Happiness? A good cigar, a good meal, a good cigar and a good woman – or a bad woman; it depends on how much happiness you can handle."